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Series: "Sold out images" 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A million images are worth less than a thousand words.

In a world saturated with images, these have been deactivated and are no longer efficient at some levels of visual communication.

Millions of images impact us every day in all digital gadgets, images of others and our own, global information through videos, photographs or images generated by different media.

When we see an image we have a “Déjà Vu”, it is surely something we have already seen before, our eyes see what they have already seen, we have lost the possibility of seeing for the first time.

The evocative power of the image exists today only to the extent of a convention that refers us to other evocative images.

Does it make sense today to continue generating images? Thinking about images is something that we will not stop doing, images will continue to exist but the way of acting on them should be different, regardless of the use that will expand in the technological world, augmented reality. and all its development.

Acting on existing images, working on the ruins, making the viewer act like an anthropologist trying to reconstruct the meaning of the image, searching for the origin of the image.

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